I was a little afraid the abundance of hyped reviews surrounding Jay Reatard would be superfluous at best, but this was hands down an amazing show. jay is a flurry of straight up rockin ass!



Stoked to get to tattoo one of my lanterns finally. Really into lanterns for some reason. Thanks Danielle. The Skull Skates i drew all over my folders in 7th grade so happy to throw that down .



Radio Wendy at Bar Pink last night. Its been prob 16 years since Ive seen these guys. The Casbah is doing 20 year anniversary shows this month so tons of early 90's bands are reuniting to play some shows around town. Anyways Radio Wendy stands out for me as one of my favorites. A little rusty but when everything clicked out came that classic sound that defined an entire era of San Diego music history. Good shit!


2009 has been a busy year already. To everyone, friends and family keeping tabs on me via the blog I wish everyone well and look forward to yet another year life's twists and turns. Enjoy!

...the 'Soul-Stealer'. Old-school twin lens camera w flash and some elements of creepy. An instant favorite!

Big 'ol beauty from knee to ankle. Vavoom!



Up to PDX for the holidays. Biggest snow storm since 1968. Lots of pub drinking, snowball fights and tattooing. Todd J owner of Imperial Tattoo was gracious enough to let me guest spot while I was in town. We both laid down a ton of good work while I was there. If youre in Portland this is the shop to visit. Enjoy the pics. Much thanks to Richard and Agnes for the hospitality and home cooking and thanks Todd J for the opportunity to show off my chops. Good friends.

Imperial Tattoo

Bear track on the forearm
Script on a wrist

Tiki! on the stomach

Feet script

Calve piston

Mac 10 inside of arm

Statue on a shoulder

Filler pieces...bomb

Slot 7 about an inch tall


Wrist banner and stars & dots throughout

Straight razor

BMW engine inside of arm. Shouldve gotten a few more pics of this one cause the image is kinda lost with the wrap of the arm


Some of my flash